About US

Welcome to our website, ANYTEES.COM.

We are an Import Wholesale company In JAPAN.

Founded in 1989, have been doing business  about 30 years in this industry. Now well known as one of the biggest and longest import wholesale company here in Japan.

We handle a wide range from unusual items not popular in Japan to standard items. Any kinds of clothing and goods.
Direct import from overseas is very interesting and items are very attractive and valuable, but  also it sometimes become too  difficult to deal with product selection, overseas negotiation, remittance troubles, complaints handling, transportation, customs clearance procedures, etc., since there is a big gap in business practice.

We help both customers and distributors, delivering attractive products and information as fast as we can. Even if you already started doing import business in Japan, We believe our service still can be used  conveniently for customers already purchased directly.

Our Showroom and head office is located in the central of Tokyo, where also central of this industry,  where people are always looking for something attractive.
To our showroom, customers are everyday visiting to check something new.

Also domestic stock number can be shipped on the same day. We have a huge warehouse, delivery center as well in other prefecture to ship out.

Company Information

■Company Name       Via Transports Co., Ltd.

■Head Office Address      Ebisuminami 1-2-10-201 Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Japan

■Shipping Center 4 Chome-7-3 KitazakaeUrayasu-shi, Chiba-ken 279-0002  Japan

■TEL:    +813-3792-4116        FAX: +813-3792-4166

■Business Hours       10:00~18:30(Weekday)

■Year of Establishment     1989

■President & CEO   Tsuyoshi Kobayashi

■Number of Employees  25

■URL   https://www1.anytees.com   http://anyfashions.com   http://anygoody.com

■Major Clients     Over 5000 companies including selected shops, on-line shops, imprint companies, and Brands. You might have heard their names.

■Sales  8,940,226 USD as of 2017

■Partners Alphaborder S&S Activewear     TSC Rothco Hit Promotions     Evans    AAkron Newhattan … and 50 more.

■Contact  sales@anytees.com

無地Tシャツ、スウェットシャツ、コーチジャケット等のボディ、バッグのプリント用商材、 アパレルから雑貨までを最新で他にない商品を最速の航空便で発送します。 即納可の国内在庫も豊富で、個人展開アパレルブランドでも会社間取引であれば無料登録が可能です。